We had a blast filming our latest brand video, Where Do You Want To Go?, and were fortunate to work with a fantastic group of cast and crew (including one very talented dog).

Here’s a collection of our favourite behind-the-scenes shots from the day.


Mikey delivering a great performance in front of some serious camera equipment!

The Director’s view: this handy screen showed the Director how each shot looked in real time with a direct feed from the main camera.

Using a projector and smoke machine, we were able to show the kids’ imagination come to life with real world visuals – hard to believe it was shot in the middle of the day!

Romeo the dog enjoyed his time in front of the camera, and was very well behaved. Next stop, Hollywood!

The Director, Assistant Director and Sound Engineer setting up one of the final shots. We had to move quickly on this one, as we waited for a break in the clouds to get the sun shining through.

Mikey channels his inner athlete. As you can see, it was worth the wait for the sun to get this shot!

There’s a lot of equipment that goes into shooting a video like this, including some serious lighting rigs and projectors.

The glass panel on the pool allowed us to get the great underwater shots of our mermaid.

…and that’s a wrap!