We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest campaign, The Music That Made America, in conjunction with Brand USA, Travel Portland and Choose Chicago. The 3-week campaign runs from Monday 2 July – Sunday 22 July, and will take agents on a journey throughout the key music cities, including Portland and Chicago.

American culture has influenced the world throughout the centuries, and connects millions of ears, eyes and hearts worldwide. Music is one of the main driving forces behind the need and the want to visit certain destinations. People will travel far and wide to see their favourite act perform or see the house their favourite artist grew up in. Why? Because music evokes emotion and connects people to things that have significance in their lives. Be it a memory or moment in time, passion, or general feeling when a song is played. Year after year we continue to immerse ourselves in the destinations that gave birth to the greatest musicians, genres and songs of all time and America takes the cake for delivering the most.

The first week of the campaign will focus on Portland, whilst the second week will shine a light on Chicago. During these two weeks, the guide will explore each of the genres, icons and destinations that have shaped America’s identity in these unique and very diverse cities.

In the third week, the guide takes on a different direction and will explore 4 musical genres. The guide will detail how these contrasting genres have influenced various cities across America, including New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, Memphis, Atlanta and many more.

Each week features an 8-page downloadable guide that is bursting with all the best places to eat, stay, play, and of course, listen to the city’s best beats. The guides have been created with agents in mind, to help them curate an authentic journey for their clients across the cities that keep America’s soulful heart beating.

We are also thrilled to be offering agents 500 bonus rewards points for every night booked in Portland between Monday 2 – Sunday 8 July, and Chicago between Monday 9 – Sunday 15 July.

Check out engage.exciteholidays.com on Monday 2 July to download the first guide!