How well do you know Great Britain? Time to test your knowledge of Great Britain’s landmarks, history and culture with our fun and interactive quiz.

Great Britain Quiz

The average person in the UK consumes approximately how many cups of tea in a lifetime?

1. 120,000
2. 50,000
3. 75,000
4. 95,000

The average person in the UK consumes 75,000 cups of tea in their lifetime.

Did you know: The difference between Devonshire and Cornish tea is actually the order in which the jam and cream is put on the scone. The Devonshire method is to cover each half with clotted cream, and then add strawberry jam on top, whilst the Cornish method is to first split the scone in two then spread with strawberry jam, and finally top it off with a spoonful of clotted cream.

No matter where you are in Britain, you’ll never be more than two hours from the coast. True or False?

1. True
2. False

You’re never more than two hours from the coast in Britain.

Did you know: You don’t have to venture too far from any of Britain’s major cities to experience breathtaking landscapes, rugged mountains, lush countryside and picturesque beaches!

In which city did Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling write the majority of the first book in the series?

1. London
2. Oxford
3. York
4. Edinburgh

J.K. Rowling lived in Edinburgh when writing the majority of the first of her famous Harry Potter books.

Did you know: J.K. Rowling first created her young wizard at The Elephant Café in Edinburgh’s Old Town. Today, Harry Potter fans can visit a myriad of sites in Edinburgh city that inspired the popular wizarding series.

What is the name of the red line on the London Underground map?

1. Northern line
2. Central line
3. Circle line
4. District line

The Central line is red on the London Underground map.

Did you know: You can explore some of some of London’s underground secret sites including the tube network’s hidden bits, with a tour through the seemingly endless tunnels beneath the city!

Which of the official residences of the Queen is the largest occupied castle in the world?

1. Windsor Castle, Berkshire
2. Balmoral Castle, Scotland
3. Sandringham House, England
4. Buckingham Palace, London

Windsor Castle has around 45,000 square metres of floor space, and sits on a 13 acre property.

Did you know: You can live out your ultimate royal fantasy and reserve a room at Balmoral Castle, Hever Castle, Warwick Castle, Hampton Court Palace, Sandringham or Llwynywermod in Wales - when the royals aren’t home of course!

Football is one of the most popular sports among the British people. Which club holds the most English Premier League titles?

1. Arsenal
2. Manchester United
3. Chelsea
4. Manchester City

Manchester United have won 20 League titles, more than any other club.

Did you know: You can experience all of the excitement of the Premier League, even if a match isn’t on the cards with a tour of Britain’s best football stadiums where you can relive your favourite football moments in the place where the magic happens!

What is the highest point in mainland UK?

1. Ben Nevis
2. Ben Macdui
3. Braeriach
4. Cairn Toul

At 1,344m elevation, Ben Nevis is the highest point in mainland UK.

Did you know: The Scottish term ‘munro-bagging’ means to climb a mountain higher than 914.4 metres and among the 282 peaks Ben Nevis is considered the King of the munros.

Where would you find the only natural thermal spa in Britain, with water at an average temperature of 45 degrees?

1. Peeblesshire, Scotland
2. Bath, England
3. Bristol, England
4. Cardiff, Wales

Bath, located in southwest England, is where you’ll find the only natural thermal spa in Britain.

Did you know: Bath has more museums in a square mile than any other English city, including No 1 Royal Crescent, Holburne Museum, the Fashion Museum and many more!

Where would you go in London to see the Changing of the Guard?

1. Windsor Castle
2. Heathrow Airport
3. Westminster Abbey
4. Buckingham Palace

The iconic Buckingham Palace is the place to go in London to witness the Changing of the Guard.

Did you know: If you visit Buckingham Palace during the summer you can experience the splendour of The State Rooms - doors officially open between July to September 2019.

You are camping in the largest National Park in England. Where are you?

1. Exmoor National Park
2. Dartmoor National Park
3. Lake District National Park
4. Broads National Park

The Lake District National Park in North West England covers an area of 2,362 square kilometres.

Did you know: The Lake District National Park is not only the largest in the UK, it also boasts England’s highest mountain, Scafell Pike, and its largest lake, Lake Windermere. Plus it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

All 10 questions completed!

Great Britain Quiz

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