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Catalonia Quiz

Which one of the following artists, architects or actresses are not from Catalonia?

1. Antoni Gaudi - Architect and the greatest exponent of Catalan Modernism
2. Lluís Domènech i Montaner - Politician and designer of Palau de la Música Catalana.
3. Joan Miró - Spanish painter, sculptor and ceramicist
4. Penélope Cruz, Academy award-winning actress in 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona’

FACT: Creative types are certainly common in Catalonia! Antoni Gaudi is undoubtedly the region’s most famous former resident. However, architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner (highly influential in the Catalan Art/Modernisme Català) and artist Joan Miró were also local Catalans. While Penelope Cruz is one of Spain’s most successful exports she was actually born in Madrid.   

Who was responsible for giving Barcelona its first name - Colonia Faventia Julia Augusta Pia Barcino (Or Barcino, for short)?

1. Julius Caesar
2. Caesar Augustus
3. Rafael Nadal The First
4. Silvio Berlusconi

FACT: Barcelona traces its origins to a Roman colony over 2000 years ago. Between 15-10 BC the region was known as “Julia Augusta Faventia Paterna Barcino” before Caesar Augustus changed the name to simply Barcino. Barcelona has also been referred to as The Paris of The South and Manchester of the Meditteranean.

What is Xuixo?

1. An endangered species of local Catalan eagle sometimes referred to as “Aguila Espana”
2. A ritual of gifting a friend hand-embroidered underwear with the initials of his favourite footballer
3. Deep fried pastry covered in crystallised white sugar, filled with Crema Catalana
4. The colloquial Spanish word for XRay

FACT: According to folklore, a Catalan acrobat was behind this unusual moniker. El Tarlà’s romance with a local pastry chef’s daughter was revealed when the chef heard a “shoo” sounding sneeze in his bakery - right where Tarlà was hiding. The acrobat promised to marry the daughter and offered the baker a pastry recipe - named for the sneeze that gave him away.

Which of these facts about Castell de Púbol is incorrect? (Of the three museums in the Dalian triangle, this one is dedicated to his wife Gala).

1. The medieval mansion was purchased in 1968, decades after Dalí promised to buy the woman he considered “his queen” her own castle.
2. The castle was built with private headquarters - which Gala refused to open for Dalí unless she had sent him a written invitation.
3. The creative sanctuary is also the final resting place of Gala Dalí. She was interred in a crypt in the castle, with a chessboard style pattern.
4. None. They are all correct!

FACT: Dalí and Gala (who was previously married) met in Cadaqués and immediately fell madly in love. Gala left her husband and daughter and became Dalí’s muse. When he built Castell de Púbol for her, he even accepted the condition that she wouldn’t open the door to him without a written invitation. It was rumoured that Gala (into her 80s!)  would meet her lovers here

Which of these routines usually accompany a traditional Catalan Sardana Dance

1. A circle of alternating men and women holding hands and dancing to a live band called a cobla.
2. Mic drops by an aspiring rapper, aiming for a scholarship at the Spanish Academy of Dr Dre
3. Matador outfits worn by the supporting male dancer said to resemble a Spanish bullfighter
4. Lead dancers wearing a body-hugging red ruffled dress, and florals in her hair

FACT: While glitzy matador outfits feature in the popular Spanish paso doble dance, and ruffles are common in fancy flamenco performances, Catalonian Sardana is a more communal affair. Good times to see an authentic Sardana are at a festival, and the Focs de Sant Joan on the 24 June is one of the best.

Which of these famous monuments is Gaudi’s first modernist building in Barcelona?

1. La Casa Batllo by Gaudi
2. The Cathedral of Barcelona
3. Casa Vicens
4. Arc de Triomf

FACT: Whilst Antoni Gaudí’s monuments are extremely popular (La Sagrada Família is the most-visited monument in all of Spain) his lesser-known works are equally impressive. Casa Vicens is considered one of the first buildings of Art Nouveau. And while originally famous as the first home designed by Gaudi, it is now considered an interpretation centre for modernism

Which of these UNESCO World Heritage festivals are celebrated in Catalonia?

1. International Dixieland Festival, Tarragona
2. Temps de Flors, Girona
3. La Patum, Berga
4. Renaissance Festival, Tortosa

FACT: While all these fun festival are indeed celebrated in Catalonia, only Patum is listed as an Oral and Intangible World Heritage by UNESCO. This traditional fiesta is held in the capital of the Catalan region of El Berguedà during Corpus Christi (60 days after Easter). It brings together thousands of people dancing to the rhythm of comparses (parading groups) and music.

What is the name of Catalonia’s national park?

1. Parramatta Heritage Park
2. Monte Perdido
3. Aigüestortes National Park
4. Pico Posets

FACT: Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park, is one of 14 Spanish national parks, and the only one located in Catalonia. The park authorities have built a series of specially conditioned wooden gangways within the park that facilitate wheelchair access. These special paths can also be used by other people with reduced mobility and by the blind.


Which of these well-known confectionary brands was founded in Barcelona?

1. Haribo
2. Chupa Chups
3. Wonka
4. Allens

FACT: Now found in over 150 countries in the world, Chupa Chups meaning “to lick or to suck” was founded in Barcelona in 1958 by Bijoux Goddard. Salvador Dalí himself designed the logo! Always keenly aware of branding, Dali suggested that the logo be placed on top of the lolly instead of the side so that it could always be seen intact.


How many restaurants in Girona have been featured in the Michelin Guide?

1. 10
2. 14
3. 19
4. 21

FACT:  Girona is the area with the highest Michelin star to population ratio (one star for every 44,000 inhabitants), in the world - ahead of Paris, Rome or London. There are 19 restaurants in the region that are featured in the Michelin Guide, including the 3 Michelin Star El Celler de Can Roca, which is currently ranked #2 in the world. It was first in the world in 2013 and 2015.

All 10 questions completed!

Catalonia Quiz

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