Consider yourself an avid adventurer, or a bit of a city slicker? Complete our interactive Singapore quiz and discover your inner-explorer! The adventure starts here..

Discover your inner explorer with our interactive Singapore quiz!

You have one day to spend in Singapore, what do you do?

1. Wander through Gardens by the Bay
2. Head to Sentosa for some exhilarating fun at Mega Adventure Park and iFly
3. Beeline straight to Marina Bay Sands for rooftop cocktails at Ce La Vi
4. Tick off as many historic landmarks as possible - National Museum of Singapore is first on the list!

My go-to travel essential is

1. My walking shoes and drink bottle - I'm always out and about!
2. A guide book with all the local must-visits
3. My camera to capture all of the sites
4. Credit card - I never miss a bargain!

My ideal Singapore adventure involves

1. Island hopping around Singapore’s islands
2. Wining and dining in the Boat Quay district
3. Embarking on a historic city-tour
4. Discovering a plethora of fauna and flora in Bukit Timah Nature Reserves

Where would you head for a night out?

1. Wine RVLT - a bar that specialises in “authentic, living, raw, natural and honest wines,” made using unconventional ageing methods, unusual grape varieties and funky flavours
2. One of Singapore’s historic neighbourhoods - such as Dempsey, Holland Village, Ann Siang and Robertson Quay - where bars spill onto the streets and sidewalks
3. A slick lounge, like Manhattan in the Regent Hotel - which wows locals and visitors alike with its craft cocktails and opulent interiors.
4. Siloso Beach Party - held under the stars and on the sands of Sentosa Island

I travel to_______

1. Experience local cultures and traditions
2. Get back to nature and appreciate the simple things
3. Relax, wine, dine and indulge in the finer things in life
4. Get off the beaten path and discover new places

My idea of fun is

1. A shopping spree followed by lunch at an upscale restaurant
2. A day of sun, salt, sea and sand
3. A spontaneous road trip to somewhere new and exciting
4. An action-packed day of sightseeing

Where would you go for a final epic meal?

1. Alfresco dinner at The Halia, a restaurant located in the Ginger Garden of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, which serves exquisite dishes that are as vibrant and vivid as the surrounds
2. Candlenut, the world’s first Peranakan restaurant serving modern renditions of Straits Chinese (Straits-born people of Chinese and Malay Heritage) dishes
3. Fine dining at Jaan, one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant of 2019, overlooking the Singapore skyline
4. Head to a hawker centre for authentic local food (like chilli crab!) at reasonable prices

All 7 questions completed!

Discover your inner explorer with our interactive Singapore quiz!

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