Bustling, vibrant and always happening, this popular Santa Monica strip is a must-visit and guaranteed to be a trip highlight.

A shopper’s paradise and a foodie’s haven, there is so much to see, eat and do, the only problem you have will be deciding what to start with first.

Shop up a storm at Santa Monica Place, enjoy a comedy show or even the latest Hollywood blockbuster, before dipping your toe in the culinary scene at the unique eatery Air Food, or the stylish Cassia.

Your tastebuds will thank you - your credit card, maybe not as much!

Essential Experiences

Santa Monica Place

Located just a few blocks from the beach and just steps from the Third Street Promenade, this stylish open-air complex is home to some of your favourite retail stores, including Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and a variety that are exclusive to Los Angeles. And with so many fantastic eateries on offer, including The Cheesecake Factory, it is truly a shopaholic and foodie’s paradise that it is guaranteed to fill your day with plenty of fun and good food.

Third Street Promenade

Spread over three open-air, car-free blocks, this is one of L.A.’s premier shopping destinations, filled with a bustling mix of shoppers, tourists, street performers and diners. Keen shopper or not, you are bound to find something here that takes your fancy, whether it’s the J.Crew store, the farmer’s market, one of the many popular fresh food eateries, or even one of the movie theatres, this walkable outdoor mall has something for all travellers.

Westside Comedy Theatre

This popular Santa Monica attraction is guaranteed to have you in stitches. Renowned as one of the best comedy clubs in L.A., it showcases a selection of improv and standup, with the owners of the theatre performing every Thursday night at 10pm for free. The theatre also runs classes in improv, sketch and standup for any keen comedians. Special drop-ins in the past include Dave Chappelle, Adam Sandler, Zach Galifianakis, Russell Peters and Chris Tucker!

Where to eat

Air Food

With no deep fryers in sight, this experimental French eatery aims to cook in an innovative way known as ‘low temperature process’. All dishes and sauces are made from scratch using seasonal ingredients that are almost entirely organic. The best part? The eatery even offers a water bar with a full menu consisting of you guessed it - water! Serving a variety of different drops from around the world, with 98% of the bottles made from recycled glass, and the remaining 2% using recycled plastic, this eatery is good for you and good for the environment. A delicious guilt-free meal is guaranteed!


The brainchild of husband and wife duos Bryant and Kim Ng, and Josh Loeb and Zoe Nathan, this upscale eatery harnesses the power of flavour and culture, and gives new meaning to the term ‘power couple’. Located in an impressive art deco building, the restaurant features minimalistic wooden tables, an ice-filled raw bar and a glass charcuterie cabinet. The restaurant’s menu takes its inspiration from the culinary heritage and experiences of Bryant and Kim, using the freshest ingredients from local farmers to celebrate the flavours of Southeast Asia, with a Californian twist.


Incorporating a mix of both modern and traditional elements, this bi-level open-plan restaurant is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, offering diners the chance to enjoy a culinary adventure to remember. From the 100 copper lights adorning the ceiling to the deep wooden tones and patio seating that flows out towards the promenade, 1212 is all about the experience. Chef Walter Greenwood has created a familiar menu with a twist, with many dishes made to be shared. Open for lunch and dinner, be sure to visit the 1212 bar and watch as the bartenders create a delicious bespoke cocktail just for you, complete with your favourite flavours!