Always aiming to shake up the travel industry, we pulled out all the stops for the launch event of our brand new video “Where Do You Want To Go?”.

With a colourful and enticing invitation that gave nothing away, 20 travel industry professionals descended on The Boathouse at Shelly Beach in Sydney’s beautiful Manly for a day of fun and festivities. They were met with Gin & Elderflower cocktails on arrival, and an abundance of balloons, colourful cups, plates and straws, as well as party bags bursting with classic favourites. It truly was a children’s party for big kids!

Guests dined on a selection of delicious dishes including beef sirloin, barramundi, seasonal salads, artisan cheeses, the taste bud tingling Boathouse caramel tiramisu and plenty more. Nathan from Fluffë was also on site, spinning endless sticks of pink and blue floss, each with a touch of glitter. Guests even received custom tubs of floss to take home with them!

The event was held to celebrate the launch of our new video “Where Do You Want To Go?”, a highly curated production that was created to inspire travel agents and remind them why their role is so important to the modern traveller. The video’s aim was to take agents back to a time when anything was possible, and reignite their passion for what they do.

Evoking a whimsical sense of wanderlust, the video takes viewers on a journey through the eyes of four children who use their childlike wonder and imagination to be what they want to be and go as far as their dreams will take them.

Vanessa Richards, Head of Marketing at Excite Holidays said,

“When you were a child you didn’t need much. A simple bed sheet could be turned into a castle or a superhero cape. Within the blink of an eye one was a princess on a throne or soaring across a city skyline, saving the world from destruction!

Through the emotional power of a child’s eyes, Excite Holidays wants to bring that magic back into our agents lives, so they can make their clients’ travel dreams a reality. Anything is possible if you just start imagining!”