Take our fun Fiji quiz to find out which island is perfect for you!

Which Fiji Island Should I Visit?

Your perfect afternoon is:

1. Hiking to a secluded waterfall
2. White water rafting down a river
3. Lying by the pool with a cocktail
4. Visiting a traditional village

What’s your favourite water activity?

1. Exploring a reef and finding local marine life
2. Hotel pool...with a swim up bar
3. Kayak down a river
4. Jet skiing

My idea of a perfect relaxation experience

1. Cooling under a waterfall
2. I can't sit still, give me thrills and adventure
3. Visiting the local hot springs
4. Book me in at the day spa

I never leave home without…

1. A great guide book
2. My GoPro
3. Suntan oil and swimming costume
4. Active wear

How do you like to travel?

1. I like to embrace local life
2. I like to be as active as possible
3. I’m spontaneous, I like to try new things
4. I’m all about the finer things, money is no object

What would you like to drink?

1. A glass of good champagne
2. I want a traditional Kava ceremony
3. Give me something I’ve never had before
4. Something fresh and fruity

Where would you like to eat?

1. High-end restaurant
2. Food tour - I want to try the local specialties
3. Dinner outside by the water
4. Find a small local eatery that’s off the beaten path

All 7 questions completed!

Which Fiji Island Should I Visit?

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