Known as one of the world’s most envied culinary landscapes, you’ll be able to tantalise your tastebuds with a range of classic Italian dishes along the Amalfi Coast, where eating will be an essential, and enjoyable, part of your day. Along the Amalfi Coast, locals never pass up an opportunity to eat, and neither should you.

Cetara: fishing village

Be sure to venture to the quaint fishing village of Cetara, located at the eastern end of the Amalfi Coast. Here, villagers have spent thousands of years specialising in catching and preserving anchovies. An absolute must is to taste the anchovy essence, which is delicious over hot spaghetti. Make sure you also venture into the village and purchase a range of anchovy based products to take home, from whole anchovy in oil to anchovy pesto.

Don Alfonso 1890

Home to no fewer than seven Michelin star restaurants, eating well along the Amalfi Coast is easy. From Gourmet restaurants to honest home-style cooking, you’ll find the finest Italian meals to accompany your stay. Check out Don Alfonso 1890, for a taste of local culture and the thousand-year-old food traditions of the Sorrento Peninsula and Amalfi Coast. Visitors can also take part in cooking schools which teach the secrets of Mediterranean cuisine.

Tuna capital

Known as the world tuna capital, many visitors come to Cetara to eat what is widely considered the best fish on the Amalfi Coast. Using traditional nets, this quintessential Mediterranean fishing village catches fresh tuna which is used both locally and internationally. There are three restaurants in Cetara that take advantage of the town’s unique cuisine, all of which guarantee a dining experience like no other.

Fruit of the Amalfi Coast

Lemons are part of the landscape along the Amalfi Coast, found growing along the cliff edge terraces. These magnificent fruits are used in a number of local recipes, from ricotta filled ravioli sprinkled with lemon rind and mozzarella, smoked between lemon leaves, to the world-famous limoncello. You’ll also see lemons used in a range of beauty products, including face creams, perfumes and soaps.

Giardiniello: home cooking at its finest

Find your way through the narrow streets and discover Giardiniello restaurant, a local treasure with Italian specialties. You’ll find a menu boasting fresh handmade pasta and an outdoor terrace and winery where you can spend an entire afternoon enjoying the hospitable and relaxed atmosphere.