While London (rightfully!) receives much of the love, there is more to Great Britain than Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. 

So much so in fact, that several guides were required to even begin to scratch the surface of what makes England, Scotland and Wales so great! 

To get you started, check out ‘Discover Great Britain and Southern England’ – the first in a two-part series dedicated to the best of Great Britain. 

From the landmarks of London to the cultural experiences in Kent, the best bars in Bristol to designer shopping in Devonshire, our latest guide will take you on a tour through the gorgeous counties of Southern Great Britain – and help you discover both the unmissable must-sees and just as many options that are off the beaten track…

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 The number of cities, towns and other destinations in the world named Bristol - all after the original location in Great Britain!


The tightest point of Parliament Street in Exeter Devonshire, making it the narrowest in the world 


The number of individuals associated with Cambridge University who have won the noble prize


The year the first provincial library in England was opened - in England’s first UNESCO City of Literature, Norwich