Travellers from all over the globe flock to Great Britain, with great curiosity, great intrigue and even greater expectations, and often they are exceeded. The unique blend of English, Scottish and Welsh customs, cultivated across city, coast or countryside ensure it’s an alluring destination for all who visit.

Whether you embrace the hustle of London, venture onto the highlands of Wales or tuck into classic haggis in Scotland, your itinerary is bound to include enough impressive sights, sounds and snacks to stimulate every sense.

An annual calendar overflowing with events, combined with a comprehensive public transport and road system, mean that on any given day you might find yourself visiting ancient crumbling castles or sipping cocktails at a converted industrial bar.

Historic and hip, old-guard and arty-eclecticism, trend-setting and time-honoured tradition – the list of attributes that make this region so great are simply endless. The only challenge will be squeezing it all on your Britain Bucket List.


Maximum distance in kilometres of any city in England from the coast


Number of languages spoken in London alone


Year the world’s oldest record shop opened in Wales


Monthly Google searches for Scotland’s Loch Ness Monster