From the vibrant throng of Bali, to the powder white shores and crystalline waters of Lombok, the natural beauty of Flores, and the cultural charms of Yogyakarta, Indonesia offers something unique for every traveller. Take our interactive quiz to find out which Indonesian island destination you are best suited to visit, and let the adventures begin!

Discover your ideal Indonesian island

Time for breakfast, what are the plans?

1. Hottest cafe on Insta
2. An acai bowl - eaten mindfully. There’s no IG scrolling happening here
3. A protein shake or bulletproof coffee - I usually eat on the run!
4. Something exotic - I like to try new things

What do you like to do on holiday?

1. Hit the beach and chill
2. I’m social - always looking for the best bars and restaurants
3. Get off the beaten track and find hidden gems
4. Get active and explore nature

What’s a must-pack item when you travel?

1. Active wear
2. Swimmers - I’ll be hitting the beach
3. Guide book - I’m looking for the best local spots
4. My best outfit for a big night out

Fill in the blank: The best thing about travelling is _______

1. Finding new bars and restaurants
2. Immersing yourself in local cultures
3. Getting back to nature
4. Relaxing and disconnecting

It’s Saturday, what does your ideal day involve?

1. Out for lunch or dinner with friends
2. Going for a swim
3. Head to the markets
4. Coastal walk

If you only had one day in Indonesia, what would you do?

1. Hike to see the Komodo Dragons
2. Snorkelling with turtles
3. OMNIA day club
4. Watch the sunrise over Prambanan Temple

Let’s grab a drink - where should we go?

1. Hot new cocktail bar
2. Let’s go where the locals are drinking
3. I know a great place for a smoothie
4. Cold Bintang on the beach

Where do you want to stay?

1. Near the water, I want to be able to hear the waves crashing
2. A quiet place in the jungle
3. Put me in the heart of the action
4. As far away from the tourists as possible

All 8 questions completed!

Discover your ideal Indonesian island

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