“Undiscovered Indonesia” has much to offer beyond Bali (beautiful as it may be!), and we wanted to extend a warm welcome to encourage you to unearth the extraordinary treasures hidden across its islands. From the temples of Yogyakarta, to the beaches of Lombok and the lush national parks of Flores (as well as the locals who inhabit them), this tropical archipelago is the ultimate traveller’s destination and this guide an excellent introduction to everything you need to know about Indonesia.

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Weight in kilos of the world’s largest flower (Rafflesia Arnoldi) , which only grows on the island of Sumatra


Active volcanoes in Indonesia

145,000,000 +

Residents on Java Island (making it the most populous island on the planet)


The number of Buddha statues that decorate Borobudur temple in Central Java - the largest Buddhist temple in the world