Oregon, in America’s Pacific Northwest, in an amusement park for adventurers who prefer to ride the natural highs offered by the great outdoors.
Its seven regions may be diverse, but year-round stunning scenery and seasonal activities mean that travellers will truly experience the trip of a lifetime, anytime they strap themselves in.

Thrillseekers can choose from a number of activities designed to get their heart-racing – everything from riding river rapids to sky-high skiing. Slow travellers on the other hand will be quick to notice the relaxed pace of the Beaver state’s calmer side, with popular events including folky music festivals and fresh fruit picking excursions.

And urban explorers aren’t ignored either, with an emerging craft brew and coffee scene certain to make Oregon high on any hip travellers’ list.

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the total number of breweries in Portland, more than any other city in the world


the height in metres of the tallest barber shop pole in the world, in Forest Grove


the age in years of Oregon’s Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the US


the number of ghost towns found in Oregon