Want an alternative experience in America? Settle into our latest guide “Seattle: Finely Crafted”.  

Because, although Mother Nature may have played a part in shaping some of the most spectacular landscapes in the region, savvy Seattlites have since followed her cue and also proudly adopted a pioneering approach to everything they invent.

History will show that the independent music of Seattle put it on the map, but the city that spawned Grunge has since grown up. Today, whether it’s craft beer or coffee, markets or museums, this Pacific Northwest port stop has got creativity down to a fine art. 

And while lush surrounds have lent the Emerald City an appropriate nickname, it’s the innovation within this urban metropolis that truly gives inspired travellers the Green Light to plan a trip there.

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Decibels recorded by Seattle Seahawk fans - earning them a 2013 Guinness World Record for "loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium"


The height in metres of the city’s iconic Space Needle. Its foundation extends 9 metres underground.


The year the first Starbucks in the world opened. The original store can still be found in Pike Place Market. 


Residences on boats, meaning Seattle has the largest houseboat population outside of Asia.