From finger-licking comfort food, where barbecue is just the beginning, to the larger than life music scene and sweeping expanses of the great outdoors, it’s absolutely true, everything really is bigger in Texas! With a diverse culture, history and vibrant cities, the Lone Star State is absolutely bursting at the seams with unique and unforgettable experiences that will delight anyone who visits.

Containing hints on all the essential things to do, see and eat, this guide is the ultimate itinerary for a true Texan adventure. Covering the best of the best in Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston, Fredericksburg, Austin and the Gulf Coast, this guide will ensure you can create the best possible Texas itinerary for your clients.


The number of restaurants in Houston


The number of steps in the Tower of the Americas in San Antonio


The height in feet of the 'Big Tex' statue in Dallas


The number of sunny days Austin has each year