From state pride to land area (at 695,662km² it’s the second-largest in America) everything really is ‘Bigger in Texas.’

But – stereotypes aside – we’re going to let you in on a little secret… There’s so much more to Texans than their commitment to cowboys, country music and the kind of cooked brisket that’ll leave you licking your lips. (Although admittedly all the aforementioned are excellent!)

From megamalls to mini markets, supersized stadiums to surprising golf greens, beautiful beaches to the best dubstep bars in the country, our 8-page guide ‘Texas: BBQ & Beyond’ is perfect for both first-time travellers and repeat visitors – and will show you why a trip to the Lone Star State is twice as nice.


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The speed limit (kilometres/per hour) on Highway 130 between Austin and Seguin - the fastest road in the USA


(Degrees Celcius) The highest temperature ever recorded in Texas. The honour going to the Monahans, a city in Ward County located near Odessa


The number of cattle who live in the Lone Star State


The number of states which border Texas. They are Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, Louisiana